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Moments and Mementos, Cataloged and​ Saved

Contact us if you need help organizing your photos 

or want us to create a scrapbook for you.

During this pandemic, we are able to create scrapbook pages for you.  You can mail or email the pictures you want placed in the scrapbook, with short notes on what is most important about the picture.  We can create a digital picture book or ​a 12x12 in paper page or book for you and your loved ones.  Please allow three days for safety after your pictures arrive at our office before consultation begins.  We will communicate with you using the platform you are most comfortable using.  You can purchase services online, or we can send you an invoice after the page(s) or book is completed.  Please make an appointment online for us to call you and discuss your project and how to begin.

If you have many pictures to scan to create a digital version...

I have a good friend who is a certified Professional Photo Organizer and utilizes high-speed, professional scanning equipment to digitize large printed photo collections efficiently, as well as offering digital photo organizing services. She can also advise you on archival storage options for your printed photos. Her prices are reasonable, and she can help you with large digitizing projects faster and better than I can.

Please Contact

Kerri Biancalana

Professional Photo Organizer


~ Helping you bring your photo memories to life ~

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