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Pandemic and Video Conferencing for your meetings

If you need a speaker who is comfortable with the most popular video conferencing platforms, we can help you and your group.  We can provide current topics such as organizing to work from home, or improving your professional image and your efficiency while working from home, or how to organize to make the transition of going back to your brick and mortar office easier.  Give us a call or make an online appointment to discuss what we can do for your group right now.

Public Speaking 

I enjoy speaking to groups and providing relevant content in a short amount of time.

Teaching people organizing skills to build on and become more productive is my passion.  I would love to meet the members of your group or team to share tips on organizing or productivity.  I will work with you and your group on a topic of your choice.  Call me to discuss fees and topics of interest to your group.  Commonly requested topics are below.

Brown Bag Lunch Topics

How do you organize your desk to work at your maximum efficiency?

How can I keep paper clutter away in 5 minutes per day?

Where do I start in getting ready to downsize?

Proper disposal of items in Johnson or Jackson Counties.

Meetings with Speakers

What a productivity coach can do for you, without anyone knowing.

Where do I start to help my office be more productive?

How can I organize myself and my business to be more successful?

Questions from the Audience

Questions sent in ahead of time and answered in person.

Your Virtual Professional Organizer, and what to expect.

How do I get rid of stuff the right way?

Interactive Class for Service Organizations

We can do a hands on class with cost efficient organizing tools to spark ideas for organizing your home.

Church Group

We can speak to your group about how to simplify your life the way God intended you to live.  Simplify your calendar, your finances, your relationships, and improve your relationship with God.

Consider joining us on Growth Night at Church of the Resurrection for our classes through the Crossroads Ministry.

Youth Groups

Teaching organizational skills can help students focus, retain more information, and develop life skills needed for learning throughout life.  

Teaching home organizational skills can help reduce anxiety and stress by providing a more peaceful environment.

We can deliver classes or presentations to help pass on these skills to kids and teens.

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