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Virtual Organizing

Virtual Organizing allows you to stay safe, spend less, and complete your organizing project.

It works using either pictures or video for your project area to show me what the area is currently.  You and I discuss what you want the area to be in the future, and I advise you on the best way for you to get to your desired space.  I will use the platform with which you are most comfortable for our discussions, such as phone, email or video conference.

You don't need to live and work in clutter, we can make your home the best place for you to live and work. Just make an appointment online, or call, 816-277-8643

One of the challenges we have had in organizing during the pandemic is the lack of places accepting donations.  

Check out our list of places to donate, recycle, resale, or consign today.

This is a sample of virtual organizing.  You send in your picture, and you get a plan tailored to you in return.

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